What to Look for in a Car Seat


Parents often become overwhelmed with the sheer amount of options available for infants and toddlers. Baby gear is a multi-billion dollar industry, and even shopping for something as basic as a car seat can be difficult. Dozens of big-name brands have issued product recalls for their car seats, making it even harder to shop. What should you look for in a safe car seat for your new baby?

Rear-facing or Convertible?

Before you start comparing safety features you need to decide on the style of seat. There are two basic models: the rear-facing infant seat and the convertible seat. When your baby is born, you are only permitted to take her home in a safe car seat that meets specific requirements. One of these is that it faces backward. Convertible seats face the rear at first and later can be turned to face forward.

Whether you opt for a rear-facing infant seat that will only last until the baby is about one or two, or a convertible seat, which will last up until about 7 years old, is a matter of cost and preference. Most people choose to invest in the infant car seat because of its functionality in moving baby from place to place without disturbing her. As far as safety goes, all car seats available for purchase must meet the latest safety standards. This is depicted by theJPMA seal on the box of the product. To ensure the product is up to code, invest in a brand-new car seat when baby is born.

Additional Features

Other important features that you should look for include the 5-point harness system. Almost all car seats will have two shoulder straps, two straps for the waist, and a final strap between the baby’s legs that all connect in the middle. These straps should be adjusted firmly -- but not tightly -- to baby to keep her stable. By her head you should also notice foam pads to keep her head comfortable and protected.

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