3 Driving Tips For Your Teen


Prepping a teen to drive may be one of the hardest rites of passage for a parent. Although the process of achieving a license is long and includes over 40 hours of driving, some parents may still feel anxious about giving away the keys. However, it is a parent's duty to teach their kids to respect and honor their privilege and learn how to drive safely.

Why Do Teens Need Supervised Driving Practice?

Supervised driving is one of the most basic requirements needed to receive a license. Not only has this requirement reduced teen driving accidents nearly in half, but it offers a better way to teach teens to drive. Due to the many teaching methods available, classroom studies may not be nearly as effective as hands-on experience.

How Can Parents Improve Their Teaching Method?

Vary Practice Sessions

Studies have shown that teens often only practice driving on familiar roads in the daytime. Practicing on roads and places they are familiar with helps improve their muscle memory, but it is not a realistic representation of what they will face.

One great way to help reduce teen crashes is to practice in bad weather or during the evening. This is once they have a better handle on driving. Driving in these conditions give them more opportunities for making decisions on a moment's notice when someone else can help them.


It is critical for parents to remain calm during lessons. When parents show fear or stress, children mirror their emotions. Teens can also turn defensive in the face of harsh criticism. Instead of using sweeping generalizations, parents should ask their teen open-ended questions to help them realize what they did incorrectly. Then parents should describe how their teen's driving made them feel and refrain from criticism.

Focus on Recognizing Hazards

The most important thing a parent can teach their child is how to recognize and judge potential hazards. This includes merging onto highways, making left turns, assessing the use of brake lights by judging car distance. Teens who reviewed these tended to be better drivers. During sessions, parents often spend the most time going over the areas that they had the most trouble with in the past, like parallel parking.

Drilling safe driving habits early on is one of the best ways to help your teen make good decisions behind the wheel. If you believe your child has been involved in an accident caused by another driver's negligence, a Clifton personal injury attorney may be able to help. Contact The Law Offices of James Vasquez today for a case evaluation. We can help you receive a claim that can repay for damages and medical expenses.