Innovation in the World of Motorcycling


Technological advancements are coming in strides and for many, it can help on a day to day basis. Cars and trucks are outfitted with modern GPS systems and hands-free controls. When will the time come for motorcycles to adapt to the growing market of advanced electronics? Samsung might help motorcyclists catch up as they work on smart windshield technology.

Samsung's innovative windshield developments combine technology that already exists and creates something new from it. All one would need is a smartphone, an app, and a little projector that would display information onto the windshield of a motorcycle or scooter. In theory, this windshield allows users to view certain information easily while they are driving. They can view GPS navigation or they can send automated replies to texts, phone calls, and emails. This would all be available at their fingertips while their bike is in motion. Some may say that this invention could be potentially distracting to drivers. However, it is considerably less dangerous than looking away from the road to view directions on a map or reply to a text message. With this device, drivers do not have to glance away from the road to perform the tasks they were most likely going to do anyway.

As innovative as it is, Samsung is not the first company to see potential in this idea. Many others have created concepts for the heads-up type of display. This includes companies like Reevu and BMW with their motorcycle helmet display. While inventive, neither of these ideas focus on the actual motorcycle as Samsung's does. Though the helmets may be a good option for some, a bike-based system would be easier to execute. It may also be less distracting for the driver since they can decide when and when not to activate the smart windshield. With a technology and electronics giant like Samsung behind it, this idea of a smarter, more connected motorcycle is bound to become a reality sooner rather than later.

At this time, the smart windshield is just an idea and not in development. Although, with a concept this disruptive, it may not take long before drivers start seeing lit-up windshields on the street. Regardless of tech, human error is still a significant cause of most motorcycle accidents. If you believe you have been injured due to someone else's negligence, contact Clifton Personal Injury Attorney James Vasquez today for a case evaluation.