Top 3 Winter Car Accidents in New Jersey


A New England winter brings all the best conditions for a spike in car accidents, including icy roads, reduced visibility, and plenty of snow. Driving on slippery roads as snow falls under gray skies could almost be considered an extreme sport. Because of hazardous conditions, car accidents don't just occur more frequently, the severity of accidents is also increased. Accidents can be greatly diminished simply by exercising caution and following common winter driving safety tips; but no matter how prudent you drive in the winter time, there's always a heightened risk that you will find yourself involved in one. Here are the top 3 most common accidents you can encounter during a frosty period.

Rear-End Accidents

On the whole, rear-end car accidents account for 40% of all traffic accidents annually, so it isn't surprising to find them here. But icy roads make it much easier to strike another vehicle from behind. That's because slippery roads require a dramatic increase in the space left between cars. Slamming on the brakes is not likely to prevent an accident, as the slick surface of the road continues to push the vehicle forward. Experts recommend leaving at least twice as much space so that if you have to stop suddenly you will be able to safely and without incident.

T-bone Accidents

Like rear-end collisions, T-bone accidents are more common in winter time. The name "T-bone" describes the direction of the accident, which is shaped like the capital letter "T" when you visualize that each segment is a car. A T-bone accident occurs when a car is struck on its side and can lead to worse injuries than other accidents. On slick roads, they are most common when a car slides through an intersection when he cannot stop in time. Pay more attention to traffic at stop lights and stop signs.

Single-car Accidents

A single-car accident in New Jersey is much more common during and after a heavy snowfall. When things are covered in snow and visibility is greatly reduced, it is more common to strike them without knowing. Mailboxes, parking meters, and fire hydrants can be tough to identify under a sheet of snow. The risk of striking pedestrians is also increased by the poor visibility.

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