What if I witness a Car Accident in New Jersey?


Car accidents are unsettling events for everyone involved -- even witnesses. Fellow drivers and bystanders frequently watch as they happen tragically in slow motion. Particularly destructive accidents are terrifying and demand immediate action. If you are ever a witness to such an accident, you could save lives by sticking around to summon emergency services. Dialing 911 is probably the first thing on your mind at such a time. There are other responsibilities that come with being a witness, however, and it is important to be aware of them.

Find a Safe Space

If you have just witnessed a car accident in New Jersey as a fellow driver and the accident has halted you, find a place where it is safe to park your car until EMT and police arrive to clear the wreck, then turn on your hazard lights and place that call. If you are a pedestrian, you should also keep a safe distance as the crash may not have completed. Particularly severe accidents carry a risk of fire.

Call 911 & Give Victims Space

Without getting close to the vehicles involved pick up a phone and dial 911 to get professional emergency medical staff on site. Do not approach victims as there is a risk of combustion and fire. It is especially important not attempt to move victims as this could make their injuries worse and put you in a dangerous position. Even if they don't appear to be suffering any serious injuries, this could be a sign that they are suffering the most severe of all -- internal injuries. Moving someone with internal injuries could literally kill them. Stick around and wait for the experts to arrive. If you are within speaking distance, feel free to console the victims and let them know that help is on the way!

Talk with the Police

When police arrive they are going to want to take an accurate account of the accident that took place. If victims are seriously injured, they may not be able to comment right away. Police will come to you to gain an understanding. Attempt to remain calm as you retell the crash. Do your best to remember every detail of how it transpired. The testimony you receive will be important if either victim pursues civil litigation.

Keep in mind the possibility that if you were a witness to a severe car accident in New Jersey, you may have to speak with not only the police, but insurance companies and attorneys. It may help to write down the events in order as you remember them. It does not take long for such events to become jumbled up in your mind! Your account will be especially helpful in resolving a personal injury case.

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