Top 5 Questions to ask your Personal Injury Law Firm


There is hardly a shortage of personal injury attorneys in New Jersey, which is why it may be difficult to decide which one will be most compatible with your case. Many attorneys advertise heavily and attempt to woo clients with elaborate offices, large teams, and prestigious accomplishments -- which is all fine as long as they can truthfully answer these effective questions to help you truly learn who you are considering to represent you. It is important to distinguish between a firm's self-promotion and their ability to successfully represent your case.

What is your expertise?

As mentioned, there are several personal injury attorneys to choose from in the New Jersey metro area, but you want to focus on your specific needs when finding one compatible with your case. Some lawyers may claim to practice personal injury on their website, while in reality they primarily focus on criminal defense. Others may have a strong background in car accident injuries and very little experience in handling defective products cases, workplace injuries, or a case like yours.

At The Law Offices of James Vasquez P.C., attorney James Vasquez works as a solo practitioner on a wide variety of cases. Without partners, he is able to dive deep into the core of each case, extensively researching all aspects while gathering evidence and witnesses with determination. He prefers to work one-on-one with his clients to achieve the best results and has tackled car accidents, workplace injuries, birth defects, dog bites, medical malpractice, and more.

How do you handle customer service?

Although you may not get a straight answer to this question, it is one of the most important aspects you can consider when choosing a personal injury lawyer. Do as much research as you can on the law firm, and if possible, ask previous clients about their customer service and satisfaction. The attorney you select should have your needs at the forefront of his priorities when handling your case.

Attorney James Vasquez takes each personal injury case with great care and responsibility. By working alone on each case, he is able to give complete and personalized attention to each client he represents. At this law firm, you do not become just another case number. Instead, you work closely with Mr. Vasquez to achieve the best possible outcome.

How long have you been working in personal injury?

Learning about a law firm or attorney's history in practicing law reveals much about the attorney's experience and legal interests. Experience is a key factor when you hire just about anyone to do just about anything. It is no different with legal care. Lawyers who have several years of experience behind them typically fare best in complex situations.

At The Law Offices of James Vasquez P.C., attorney James Vasquez has a rich background in personal injury law. Since 2002 he has practiced with the goal of advocating strongly for people who deserve compensation. In 2007 he learned the inside scoop on how insurance companies handle claims as he further developed his career by practicing as a defense attorney. This opportunity has made him a strong contender in civil litigation. He soon decided to open The Law Offices of James Vasquez in 2010 to fight for the people who need it most.

Will you go to court if necessary?

In most cases, the best possible outcome is the result of a settlement between an insurance company, place of work, or any party that was negligent and the injured party or persons. A settlement is the most straightforward approach to resolving a personal injury case and provides you with compensation much sooner than waiting for the outcome of a trial. However, on rare occasions it is necessary to go to court.

A phrase that has stuck with Mr. Vasquez throughout his career is to "never give up." At The Law Offices of James Vasquez, P.C., Mr. Vasquez is not afraid to take your case to court. You will receive quality representation regardless of the avenue chosen to resolve your case.

What part do I play in my case?

When you work with large law firms, cases are usually settled quickly with very little input from the injured party. Although you may have satisfactory results, the process of settling your case can be an unsavory experience if you are not an integral part of it. A quality personal injury firm recognizes that the client is in charge of his or her case and should know what is taking place at all times.

Since its inception in 2010, this has not been an issue at The Law Offices of James Vasquez P.C. as Mr. Vasquez's unique approach is tailored to each individual client. By dedicating his full attention to each case he can achieve excellent results. Call (862) 247-8711 for a complimentary consultation.