Top Toys that Injure Kids


Children are among the most vulnerable groups when it comes to getting hurt by engaging in fun activities and using faulty products. When you have kids, you suddenly realize how dangerous the world can be. From childproofing every drawer in your home to suffering a mild panic attack whenever they get out of your sight, it can be hard to keep your kids safe around the clock, especially during summer vacation. To help parents keep kids safe, the consumer advocacy group World Against Toys Causing Harm (WATCH), named a few of the season's top most dangerous play things.

Pools and Spas

We already know the dangerous surrounding pools and spas. Whether you have a traditional backyard pool or an inflatable pool, small children can drown in just a few inches of water. An average of 156,536 injuries and 542 deaths take place each year. Supervise small children at all times. In the event that someone gets hurt, it's important to understand a few things about determining liability in pool accidents.

Non-Pool and Non-Spa Water

Shallow water from a fountain or small kiddie pool is also a cause for concern as children will get into just about anything wet in the heat. Particularly small children can drown in just 2 inches of water, and between 2006 and 2010 434 children under 5 died and 233 were hurt from drownings that did not take place in a home spa or pool, yet 92% of these occurred at home.

Toy Guns

WATCH found toy guns to be the most dangerous summer toy. Eye injuries from airsoft and pellet guns are increasing exponentially. Between 2010 and 2012 they increased by over 500%. Blunt injuries to the eyes are common, causing temporary to permanent harm. Emergency room personnel have even seen kids lose eyes to impacts from pellet guns.


The hoverboard craze has worn down, but they are still responsible for thousands of injuries. Facial lacerations, bone fractures, concussions, and even spontaneous combustion are possible, as some models are prone to catch fire.


A great way for kids to expel energy is to spend an hour jumping on a trampoline, but you'll want to watch them to be sure they're doing it safely. Trampolines and bounce houses cause many injuries every year and it's difficult to predict when they'll occur. Too many kids grouped together and jumping is a recipe for an accident that can lead to many injuries. Doctors frequently see broken bones, concussions, and even neck and back injuries.

To prevent injuries on bouncy surfaces, keep kids in groups of similarly sized kids. Significantly smaller children suffer the most injuries that pose the highest risks because of their stature in comparison to the kids around them at the time they are all bouncing.

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