I can handle it myself - right?


Often I receive inquires about municipal court matters. These usually involve speeding tickets, driving while under the influence, moving volations, etc. After speaking to the potential client at the end of the conversation I often hear "well, I'll think about it, I may go to court myself and get back to you." And I am thinking to myself, if you go to the dentist and he tells you there is a cavity that has to be filled, does the patient then say "ok thanks, I'll look into filling the cavity myself and get back to you doc." Sounds crazy right?

Well going into municipal court unrepresented by counsel is using the same logic. You might as rise the white flag and surrender. By obtaining counsel in these matters, you may be able to downgrade the charges and receive a better plea than if you want into court on your own. An experienced municipal court attorney will be able to know if the charges you are facing can be downgraded to put you into the best position possible for your defense of the charges.