I am too young for an Estate Plan


"Estate planning, isn't that for people that are retired? I don't need to worry about that now." Clearly, this person does not understand what Estate Planning can do for them. Estate Planning does not need to occurr when you are ready to retire. Imagine the scenario of a 40 year old male, wife, two children, and successful business and suffers a tragic accident, and is subsequently deceased without some sort of Estate Plan. There are certain aspects of this story which are tragic since the entire net worth could be over $10 million dollars and there was no plan in effect to make sure that all the the family's assets are protected. Was there life insurance in place? So many questions come to mind.

I hope you can see that you are never too young to plan for your Estate, your family and loved ones. If you're concerned about what the plan will be for them once you are gone, then you should really consider speaking with an experienced Trusts and Estates attorney.