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Clifton Last Will & Testament Attorney

Wills and Estate Management

If you would like your estate to be managed in a specific way following your death, it is important to know that your wishes may not be adhered to unless they have been officially documented. The document that addresses those desires for your estate is known as a "last will & testament." It is recommended that you contact a Clifton personal injury attorney if you are intent on drafting a will, as an attorney will be able to ensure that your will is legally sound, as well as comprehensive in its directions for the management of your estate.

Proper drafting of a will is essential, as there are a number of important issues that are decided in the aftermath of one's death. These include the management of the decedent's property and assets, the distribution of those assets to family members and loved ones, and the assigning of guardians to the decedent's minor children. Should a person die without having created a will, their estate is managed and distributed by the state in a process referred to as "intestate succession." While this process may result in the decedent's loved ones obtaining property and assets, it may not be in the manner that the decedent would have wished. Possessing a will allows a person to fully dictate the manner in which their estate is distributed, including how and when.

Estate Planning and Wills

The Law Offices of James Vasquez, P.C. provides legal help in all matters related to estate planning, including the drafting of wills. As the firm is comprised of a solo practitioner, it is capable of providing personalized service that focuses on the particular needs of each client. In contacting the firm's offices for help in the drafting of your will, you will be given dedicated support that is designed to result in a will that is in accordance with your needs and desires.

If you require legal assistance in drafting a will, contact a Clifton wills lawyerwho can provide you with extensive information and guidance.

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