Motorcycle Driving Tips for Heavy Traffic


Motorcyclists have the unique pleasure of experiencing fresh air, blue skies, and lush scenery while on the road. Unfortunately, to get to these beautiful getaways, they often need to get through city traffic first. When you are on a clogged highway or street, stay aware of the unique dangers to motorcyclists that come with these surroundings with the following tips.

Keep Distance When You Can

The best distance between you and the car often varies with how fast the traffic moves, but it often rests between 2 to 4 seconds of driving time. The faster the traffic, the more time you should give yourself between vehicles. Keeping distance provides you with the crucial ability to predict what will happen ahead of you. When you are right behind a car’s bumper, you can’t see if traffic is suddenly stopping ahead. Not being able to predict what will happen means you have less reaction time. One second can be the difference between life and death.

Controlling Your situation

Never expect other drivers to be as mindful as you are. Often, motorcyclists can put themselves in dangerous blind spots of larger vehicles without realizing it. When you are in congested traffic, you need to be extra mindful of your bike and the surrounding vehicles. Your emotional state is a significant factor, as being frustrated or upset due to an argument or another similar event can make it easy to forget yourself. If you feel emotionally intense before you start driving, it may be better to find time to relax and calm yourself first.

Lane Positioning

Your motorcycle's lane position in congested traffic depends on the street’s width. If you are on a street with more than four lanes, you will want to avoid the center. Many motorcyclists stick to the left lane, allowing them to reduce any obstructions from one side while getting a clear view for any at the other.

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