Year in Review: 5 of the Worst Product Recalls of 2016


Tommee Tippee Sippee Spill-Proof Cups, Mayborn USA

Manufacturer Mayborn, USA recalled over 3 million sippy cups for toddlers due to the risk of mold accumulation inside the valve of the cups if the cup stays moist or is cleaned infrequently. Mold ingestion can cause infections in consumers. This recall applies to the Tommee Tippee Sippee spill-proof cups sold from December 2014 through May 2016 at various retailers.

Ikea MALM Chests

What would a year of product recalls be without at least one mention of IKEA? From furniture to frozen foods the company is tied to severe product recalls. In 2016, the company recalled nearly million MALM dressers and chests after six children were killed due to "stability issues" in the product's design. The product had a propensity to tip over when they were not properly fastened to the adjoining wall. Customers were offered a refund or a free wall-anchoring repair kit.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Who can forget the exploding cell phones that caught fire? Just last year, Samsung lost billions in profit over one of the most expensive tech recalls in history for the Galaxy Note 7's predisposition to burst into flames or explode while charging or even for seemingly no reason at all. The Note 7 hit Samsung hard with a $3.1 billion loss and damage to its reputation as the world's largest manufacturer of cell phones.

Takata Airbag Recalls

Takata takes the cake for the largest safety recall in history with its faulty airbags -- precisely, the airbag inflators in millions of vehicles across the most prominent car manufacturers. 100 million airbags were recalled starting in September 2016 after they were found to be the cause of 11 automobile deaths. The recall cost Takata $26 billion.

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