Tips for Negotiating with Insurance Adjusters


Driving on New Jersey highways is a risk many of us take each and every day. Because the chances of being involved in an accident are high, the state requires all drivers to purchase insurance coverage that is enough to take care of you after you get hurt, even when another driver is at fault. Your insurance company needs to know about any car accident that leaves you (or your property) in stitches.

When you file a claim you are appointed an adjuster who is responsible for your case. A claims adjuster works on behalf of your insurance company to provide you with a settlement. Initially, this person fully researches your car accident to understand what took place. It is always wise to record the events that transpired. If you take a few notes and submit photographs of the damage done, you can help your adjuster put the pieces together. These facts are considered along with your insurance policy to come up with an amount that the company believes is fair. Keep in mind that this amount is usually not enough without a personal injury attorney stepping in.

Insurance Negotiation Tips

When you prepare to speak with your insurance adjuster, understand the value of your claim and your insurance policy. Maintain a polite but assertive tone and listen carefully to the adjuster's explanation. Other tips include:

  • Know what amount you deserve. Keeping an amount in mind shows you've done your research. Knowing what you deserve means the company cannot give you a lowball offer and get away with it. Choose a minimum amount that you will accept and keep that to yourself. Refer to this figure when negotiations get tense. Do not share this value with the adjuster.
  • Don't take the first offer. A good negotiation takes time. The first offer is almost always a lowball offer the adjuster uses to gauge how much you truly know about the value of your claim. Too many take the first offer after becoming desperate and miss out on compensation they need.
  • Make the adjuster justify the lowball offer. Instead of reducing the minimum amount you are willing to take, get the adjuster to explain why the offer was so low. He or she must give you specific reasons. Take notes. Respond to each point in a brief letter. The next time you speak, ask for a response to the letter.
  • Get a lawyer involved. Many clients seek legal counsel after ongoing negotiations with insurance companies. When an insurance claim offer is not fair, a personal injury attorney can step in with expert negotiation skills and the knowledge of insurance laws to back him up.

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