Bus Company Pays $5 Million in Student's Death


A Cincinnati school bus company settled a $5 million lawsuit this week after a bus driver ran over and killed a teenager. The lawsuit claimed the driver failed to defrost the bus windshield, and therefore was not able to see the boy walking across the street in front of the bus. As part of the settlement, the school district that contracted the bus company will allow the boy's mother to participate in helping bus drivers learn from this experience.

This was a horrific incident which ended in a reasonable manner for this family. No amount of money can replace a loved one. However, when faced with such a situation, the only remedy to be made whole again is to bring a wrongful death action against the tortfeasor. I am actually in the process of investigating a wrongful death matter myself. The investigation is the toughest part of the case because you want to be absolutely sure that before you file that lawsuit the tortfeasor is responsible for the decedent's demise. But once I'm sure, I start putting that case together quickly so that my clients are in the strongest position to force a settlement or litigate to a winning verdict at trial.

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