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Blog Posts in 2011

Distracted Doctors - Medical Malpractice Settlements I recently came across this article on medical malpractice and distracted doctors. I thought that this article was insightful because it is true in any field ...
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American with Disabilities Act Victory

This week I had a victory in a case I was prosecuting for a minor versus a school board in Hudson County. A middle school in North Bergen was in violation of the American with Disabilities Act. A ...
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Insurance Limits

I came across a really interesting article from a case in the Missouri Court of Appeals. An out-of-state driver carried insurance in an amount less than Missouri's statutory minimum limits, but ...
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Looking for new information on living trusts?

I am in the process of launching a new website which will be devoted to the living trust and all of its benefits. I expect that this new site will be up by the beginning of next month. I really ...
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I've made it to page one of Google

Well it certainly took long enough, but I have made it to page one of Google. If you type into the Google search browser: "Cedar Grove personal injury attorney" or "Montclair personal ...
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How long does my personal injury case take to settle?

A common question that I receive from my clients is "how long will my personal injury case take to settle?" My first response is always, "if I had a crystal ball I could tell you the ...
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Do I have a case?

Many times a client walks into my office and gives an account of their motor vehicle accident. After receiving all the details the client asks me "well what do you think? Do I have a case?" ...
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I am too young for an Estate Plan

"Estate planning, isn't that for people that are retired? I don't need to worry about that now." Clearly, this person does not understand what Estate Planning can do for them. Estate ...
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I can handle it myself - right?

Often I receive inquires about municipal court matters. These usually involve speeding tickets, driving while under the influence, moving volations, etc. After speaking to the potential client at the ...
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Making a decision

Many times I meet new prospective clients during an intake and they are often not sure if they want to pursue a law suit. They don't understand the legal process or are unfamilar with starting a ...
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This is my new blog. Please come here to receive valuable information that will guide you throughout your legal process.
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Welcome to our Personal Injury Blog

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Personal Injury Blog with an RSS feed available at /Blog/Entire-Blog-Feed/RSS.xml
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